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Fractal Flame

We invite you to welcome into your reality: Fractal Flame.

These messages serve to ground and remind us that we all emanate from Source- the eternal Flame of Consciousness, and that flame is made of Love.

We capture, refine, and express the many-faceted essence of awakening: now moment awareness, the importance of perspective, flow state, and many more.

Infinite Aloha

From the Islands of Hawaii, we aim to cultivate and spread an Aloha attitude.
Aloha is a way of life that embraces oneness, kindness, and love to all.
Join us in our mission to spread Aloha to the world.
Join the Ohana

Infinite Familiars

The animal kingdom has much to teach us.
Your spirit animals are eager to assist you on your journey.
May their presence guide and support you as you navigate this wild world.

Infinite Interlopers

From beyond our galaxy, foreign beings have contacted us. 
They send often simple, but sometimes indecipherable messages, instructing us on our journey.
Embrace our new cosmic overlords, comply with their demands, or consequences will be dire.


In the world of pink, we believe that beauty is beyond form, vulnerability is courage, and softness is love.
To us, pink represents boundless love, fun and positivity, and playfulness.
We invite you to express yourself truest, most awesome self with Pinkfinity.
Pink Me Up